Siphon coffee vs french press

Siphon coffee vs french press which one is better?

Many coffee makers are available if you look around. Few of them are regarded as highly respected or famous because of their dedication and extremely high quality. One of those who received a lot of love was the French press and siphon brewers.
We spent a lot of time and effort searching for a better coffee brewer but in vain. if you’re looking to compare siphon coffee vs french press, we’re going to help you out in this article today. It is important to consider how each brewer works, and how each coffee tastes differently to choose the one that suits you.


What is siphon coffee?

Siphon coffee has been around for a long time, but it seems like a new, revolutionary, and scientific way to brew coffee. Initially, coffee brewers were agreed that boiling the coffee change the flavor and aroma. This is why they started using vacuum and vapor pressure techniques to preserve coffee’s flavor. With the use of vapor, it forces water to go in the top section, where it mixes with the grounds. After removing the heat source, coffee will fall down into the lower chamber and become smooth, delicious, and flavorful.
Coffee that is prepared with a siphoning process takes longer to prepare as compared to the French press. However, the result is a more flavorful coffee since it does not come in directly contact with heat.

siphon coffee maker
Siphon coffee maker

Things I like about siphon coffee

  • This coffee maker will impress everyone when you serve it to anyone
  • Coffees that are lighter and more expensive to roast work best
  • The flavor is better than any other coffee

Things I don’t like about siphon coffee

  • Difficult cleaning process
  • You may break it easily.
  • The process is a bit long.

How French Press Differ From Siphon Coffee?

Coffee enthusiasts cannot live without the French press. You get quality coffee that is prepared quickly with a high-quality caffeine taste that’s necessary for coffee lovers.
Coffee plungers are brewing devices that compel coffee grounds to be pressed down, resulting in a well-brewed cup of coffee. French press coffee is usually quicker, easier, and more convenient to prepare than siphon coffee. A more accessible method of brewing makes it more popular.

French Press coffee maker
French Press coffee maker

Things I like about French Press

  • Perfect for early morning because you can make this instantly with convenience.
  • It is a very cheap way to make the best coffee
  • Compared to other coffees, the flavor is better.

Things I don’t like about French Press

  • Taste is not better than siphon
  • Using coffee that is too finely ground can make it over-extract.
  • Longer process.

Siphon coffee vs french press

Using the French press brews a cup of coffee that is thick, dark in flavor and a little oily. The overall process of making this coffee is quite simple. But sometimes, people use this incorrectly, which leading to badly over-extracted, bitter coffee.

Siphon Coffee is completely different from the French press. You get rich, sweet, clarified coffee with the siphon. It involves both full immersion and low-pressure extraction during production. It’s a delicate process, so it results in a cup of coffee that’s truly unique in its richness and clear flavors and can have an oily body but never dirty. Its only disadvantage in comparison is just how difficult it is.

Which one is better?

If you are looking for a convenient way to make coffee, go for the French press because the taste is stronger and best for coffee lovers.
However, if you care more about the flavorful taste of coffee, you can choose siphon coffee. It is best to impress your guest.

Final word

In my opinion, both are good. I have both of them and will suggest you the same. When I need early morning instant coffee, the French press is my first choice. But in evening coffee cravings, I always go for siphon.

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