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Red Eye vs Black Eye vs Green Eye: What’s the difference?

The main difference between the Red Eye vs Black Eye vs Green Eye coffee is the number of expresso shots each contains. We will discuss all three types of coffee in detail in this article.

Red Eye coffee

You might be thinking of why this coffee is called the “Red Eye Coffee,” it is derived from the red eyes that are caused due to fatigue or sleeplessness. The best solution is to get a great nap, but sometimes you have time and space constraints that make it difficult to sleep.
A cup of red-eye coffee is curated to provide coffee lovers with a boost to get their day started actively.
The recipe of a red-eye coffee is straightforward that includes; a regular hot brewed coffee with a single shot of espresso.
There is approximately 160mg of caffeine in a regular cup of red-eye coffee, but it can vary according to the amount of coffee and espresso used.

Black Eye coffee

A black eye coffee is a freshly brewed drip coffee with two espressos that makes it a strong cup of coffee excellent for coffee lovers.
The ingredients required include; ½ ounce of coffee beans, 1-ounce coffee beans, 10 ounces water, & milk. Sugar is optional.
Black eye coffee can seriously reduce the chances of life-threatening diseases like cancer & cardiovascular due to a high number of antioxidants. It is also beneficial to fight cell damage.
A regular cup of black eye coffee has approximately 225mg of caffeine.

Green Eye/Purple Eye coffee

A green eye or purple eye coffee, depending on your location, is a highly caffeinated drink made for people who are in desperate need of caffeine, and that is all they need to get through their day.
A green eye coffee has three shots of espresso that can be added In either a hot or cold coffee depending upon the likeness.
Green coffee has numerous advantages, including;
It is of great use if you are looking to lose weight because it burns the stored fat in the body to help reduce the number of carbohydrates in your system.
A green eye coffee is also good for diabetic patients as it assists in normalizing the blood sugar level.
Like all coffees’ green eye coffee is very much capable of providing you with a solid dose of energy and increasing your focus that enhances your efficiency.
It also contains a high level of antioxidants that are extremely helpful in fighting diseases.

Final words

There are several types of coffees available to people, and each class is different from another in so many ways that it makes coffee a much loves beverage around the globe. We discussed three types of coffees; red eye vs black eye vs. green/purple eye coffee, which has a different amount of caffeine in them and possesses their unique advantage.
It all boils down to the personal choice of an individual at the end. Hopefully, the discussion was interesting, and you were able to get the information required


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