How Much Coffee Do You Put In A Reusable K Cup

Reusable K Cup: How Much Coffee Do You Put In A Reusable K Cup?

Coffee is the most adorable discovery of the world. If you are a coffee lover, you will understand why we are saying this. Having a cup of coffee gives you the required boost to go on with your day. But brewing a cup of coffee every morning sometimes seems hectic. But this issue has been resolved by the introduction of a Reusable K cup.

Have you heard about it? If not, let us reveal this beautiful invention and how to use it, and how much coffee do you put in a reusable k cup?


Reusable K Cup

A reusable K cup offers the users to make 2 to 3 cups of coffee with a single poured coffee. It is available in the market under the name of K cup. It comes with three parts, including a cup, lid, and basket. The basket gets attached under the cup and covered by a lid to initiate the brewing process.

How Much Coffee Do You Put In A Reusable K Cup?

If you have a Keurig coffee maker, then it’s time to revolutionize your coffee game by throwing your old coffee cup out and opting for a reusable K cup. The amount of coffee in a K cup depends on various factors, including the blend and brand, but a single K cup pod has 9-12 grams of coffee.

According to the standard set by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, a single cup of coffee should have a ratio of 10 to 6, where we add 10grams of coffee in 6 ounces of water.

So, if that’s the math, then how many cups a single k-cup can make? Well, that entirely depends on your coffee choices, whether you like the robust flavor or prefer a lighter side?

If you like a more potent blend, then you might only get one cup of coffee per pod. But if you are on the lighter side, then a single pod can make two small-sized coffee cups.

How Much Coffee Is There In A K-Cup Pod?

Each pod has a different amount of coffee in it, and it ranges between 9 grams to 12 grams or 0.3 to 0.4 ounces.

Various reusable k cups have a different proportion of coffee in them, including the following.

  • Breakfast blend-9 to 9.5 grams
  • Medium roast-10 to 11 grams
  • Extra bold- 11 to 14 grams.

The standard measure uses two tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 ounces coffee cup in a reusable. But, as we discuss how much coffee you put in a reusable cup, we stick to the standard recommendation i.e., 10g per 6 oz.

The Capacity of a Reusable K Cup

A reusable cup has the capacity of making a 17oz coffee cup, so it is entirely up to you how you want coffee to be using the two tablespoons per 6 oz standard.

Using a k-cup, you can make coffee two to three-time, and there are various flavors available in the market. But if you are using a reusable k-cup and making coffee twice or thrice with the same pod, it will not taste stronger anymore.

Final Thoughts

Reusable k-cups are a great innovation in the coffee game as they are convenient and straightforward to use and are eco-friendly. All you need is to take a ground coffee of your choice, put it in the reusable k-cup basket, and let the brewing started.

So if you are looking for an answer as to how much coffee you place in your reusable k cup, here are the statistics mentioned above. The reusable k-cups are a great source of getting coffee in the office and other commercial areas. They are equally beneficial for personal use if you are looking for a hassle-free cup of coffee in the morning.


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