Eureka Mignon Specialita vs Niche Zero

Eureka Mignon Specialita vs Niche Zero (Which One Is Better For Me?)

I’ve mentioned the Eureka Mignon coffee grinder before, notably in my article on the finest espresso machines.

Still, I’ve wanted to create a particular post on the eureka mignon specialita vs Niche zero grinders for a while, so here it is.

Eureka Mignon coffee grinders are a well-known and popular coffee grinder brand manufactured in Italy.

I’ve tried the Mignon, specifically the Eureka Mignon Specialita, which I used conjunction with the ACS Minima I reviewed.

However, I was pretty pleased, as I’ll explain later in this review article which is about eureka mignon specialita vs. Niche zero

Unless you’re willing to spend ¬£500 or more, the Mignon range is arguably the most obvious choice if you want a more competent grinder than any of the entry-level under ¬£200 (ish) alternatives.

This is especially true, I believe, for espresso, since the Eureka Mignon grinders are compatible with a wide variety of single boiler, heat exchanger, and twin boiler espresso machines, and they’re also a robust and durable grinder.



Comparing The Different Eureka Mignon Models:

In 2021, the following Mignon grinders will be widely accessible in the United Kingdom:

When we review the eureka mignon, specialita vs. niche zero grinders, and many others are available through my pals at Shop Coffee in Cambridge, who specializes in the retail side of the coffee industry.

These people have been roasting coffee and providing equipment to coffee shops and other companies for decades, yet they’ve recently started selling equipment and coffee to retail customers.
Let’s have a look.

Eureka Mignon Specialita:

With 55mm flat steel burrs, the Eureka Mignon Specialita is a specialized home espresso grinder.

This burr grinder has a white-on-black digital timed dosing display, a simple step-less grind adjustment dial, and excellent noise insulation.

I’ve used the Specialita, which has bigger 55mm burrs for quicker grinding and touch screen controls. It comes with portafilter prongs as standard since it’s intended for espresso.

Who is it intended for?

The home barista wants extremely smooth flat burr shots but also needs a grinder that fits their space demands and can draw a few shots in the morning without waking up the whole house.

Those limitations do not imply that you are ready to compromise. You want precision dosage and distribution so that your morning coffee routine is as exact and consistent as possible while being as calm as possible.

Why are We Transporting it?

To say we’re thrilled about the Eureka Specialita here at Clive is an understatement. First, it’s large 55mm flat steel burrs provide excellent grind uniformity and speed.

While its chute creates a “fallout” of grounds that makes proper distribution simple and pleasurable.

The shell also has a lot of sound insulation, so it’s almost quiet while grinding. Every aspect of this grinder has been carefully considered and implemented.

From Eureka’s unique grind adjustment mechanism to its subtle and clear digital display for scheduled dosage.

You may even clean the upper burr without losing your setting by removing it. For your home espresso setup, the Specialita may be the ideal mix of form, function, and quality you’ve been looking for.

Eureka Mignon Specialita Espresso Grinder Features:

  • Time-based dosing – two programmable doses
  • Manual mode
  • Operated by the push of the portafilter
  • Touch screen
  • Hands-free adjustable portafilter fork (removable)
  • The sound-insulated case for quiet operation
  • Anti-clumping chute
  • Stepless adjustment
  • Removable hopper which can be closed for easy bean swaps
  • Dose counter
  • Aluminum body


  • Height 13.87″
  • Width 4.75
  • Depth 5.5
  • Weight 12.34 lbs
  • Voltage 110V
  • Wattage 260W
  • Burr speed 1350 RPM
  • Bean hopper capacity Bean hopper capacity

Niche Zero Coffee Grinder:

The Niche Zero Coffee Grinder takes a novel method to grinding your coffee as fresh as possible.

By managing components that are frequently missing from other coffee grinders’ operations, you’ll brew better-tasting coffee.
The Niche 0% utilizes a direct grind route for dosing your coffee, resulting in zero grind retention of coffee trapped in the chute.
You have the flexibility to keep your beans in an airtight container and optimize the freshness for each wonderful cup of coffee since you only grind precisely the quantity of beans you need each time.
In addition, the Niche Zero features a complete spectrum of grind settings, including a step-less adjustment that can grind finely for espresso and Moka pot coffee but can also grind excellent particle sizes for drip coffee other filter-style coffee brewing techniques.
The Niche provides a low grind particle size distribution and is a quiet grinder, operating at 72dB, thanks to its optimized burr speed.
Using the Niche Zero’s simple controls, grinding your delicious coffee will be a joy rather than a messy, noisy job. Not to mention the Niche’s general appearance and style, which is ideal for any contemporary home coffee setup.

Niche Zero Coffee Grinder Features:

Grind Retention of:
You’ll get precisely the same grind out as you put in with no waste

Grind as needed:
It’s ideal for keeping your coffee in airtight containers to keep it fresh. In the hopper, there are no more stalled beans.

Conical Burrs, 63mm:
The Niche Zero Grinder is equipped with quality 63mm conical burrs, typically found exclusively in commercial, high-end grinders.

Minimalistic Design:
You have full control over the grinder thanks to a simple on/off switch and a grind size reference on the adjustable collar.

Motor Controlled and Silent:
For the tastiest cup of coffee, keep the noise level around 72dB when grinding with burr speeds.

Included NFC Disk:
The Niche Flow Control Disk prevents pop-corning in the hopper and provides more uniform grinding of the beans.

Burr Maintenance Made Simple:
It’s designed to make cleaning a breeze for everyone. Every time, the alignment is perfect.

Commercial Quality:
Designed for professional baristas, yet small enough to fit in a household.


  • Dimensions 31x21x12 cm
  • Power 230v | 50Hz (Australian Plug)
  • Weight 4kg
  • Burrs 63mm Conical Burrs
  • Speed To Grind 1.5g/s fine (espresso), 1.8g/s medium (chemex), 2.1g/s coarse (French press)
  • Grinding Capacity 50 grams.


Is the niche zero investment worthwhile?

Value. The Niche Zero is unquestionably one of the most expensive grinders available for home use. Still, the product’s quality helps justify its price and gives it an excellent value even at that high price point.

What does a niche zero cost?

The Niche Zero raises the standard for under $1,000 professional consumer grinders.

Is Eureka Mignon specialita a nice place to eat?

The Eureka Mignon Specialita is a high-end espresso grinder that can be used at home. It’s an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts who want consistent grinds to get the most out of their high-end espresso equipment.

What are your thoughts on Eureka Mignon Specialita?

Shot time; hold the tamper handle in your hand as a doorknob tamp. Lie down on your back and lean comfortably into it.

Final Words:

To summarize, we do eureka mignon specialita vs. Niche zero. I believe the Eureka Mignon grinders are excellent value for money, and it’s no wonder that they are the market leaders in this price bracket.
I don’t believe you can go wrong with a Eureka Mignon grinder, and based on what they sell for used, they seem to hold their value pretty well, so I wouldn’t be too worried about the possibility of losing a lot of money if I decided on one and then changed my mind and sold it later.

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