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Aeropress vs Moka pot: which makes better Espresso?

If you want to prepare the best espresso, then you have to choose one of the Aeropress vs Moka pot options. Each one of them is great, but you have to assess and identify what works for you and what features are better than others. We are here to compare the Aeropress and Moka pot based on multiple factors, to see which one conveys the best results.



Ease of use

The Moka pot is known for being easier to use. You can use a variety of Aeropress methods, be it regular or inverted. But the truth is that while Moka Pot delivers great speed, it doesn’t match the fun of using an Aeropress. They are both very good, but Aeropress is slightly better because you have more options, and it’s just nicer to use.

Brewing time

The amount of time spent on brewing your expresso is very important. With that in mind, the Moka pot takes around 5 minutes. However, you also need to heat up the water and prepare beans too. Which means it can take around 10 minutes with all of that. In the Aeropress vs Moka pot battle, Aeropress wins here since it takes only 2 minutes to brew everything properly.

moka pot
Moka pot

Which one is easier to clean?

The Moka pot is made of stainless steel or aluminum, so you must leave it to cool down before cleaning. The Aeropress doesn’t have that, you just need to remove the clump of brewed grounds, and then you can rinse the base with hot water and enjoy the experience. Aeropress cleans up quicker, slightly faster than the Moka Pot.


When you use the Aeropress, you have a limited capacity. In the case of the Moka pot, you do have versatility, you can pick the pot size based on your requirements. That makes it better for a lot of people, which is something to keep in mind.

Do you need any extra equipment?

When you compare Aeropress vs Moka pot, you have to think about accessories. The Aeropress needs a scoop, paddle, and filters, maybe even a gooseneck kettle. The Moka pot doesn’t need that many accessories, aside from a good kettle.


Upon doing the Aeropress vs Moka pot comparison, you do want to figure out exactly which option is more affordable. Both of them have affordable options at around $30, but the Moka pot comes with multiple varieties, so you might want to go with that. But they are both a great pick regardless.


As you can see, both these products can be very good. It all comes down to personal preference and expectations. At the end of the day, that’s what will dictate the results you can get and how good the unit really is. Yes, it can take a bit of a trial and error to identify the right one, but you want to try out both Aeropress vs Moka pot to see which one suits your needs the most. It’s important to understand the comparisons we made above, as this will offer more insight as you try to make the right choice!




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